How we work to be sustainable and how to reuse your glass...

How we work to be sustainable and how to reuse your glass...

We care about sustainability. We also understand that with any manufacturing process, there is waste. We wanted to share what we currently do with our waste and share what we typically use our left over glass for. 

With each candle we produce, we have very little waste during the manufacturing process and it's usually wax we can simply reuse. As we order our materials, we are highly conscious of the paper, boxes, packing peanuts, plastic bags etc. 

Wax arrives in plastic bags that are reused as our garbage bags in the shop. We have actually never purchased garbage bags and have been able to reuse those plastics bags for the waste we cannot reuse or recycle. All cardboard and paper is is used to start the fires for our wood stove which heats our home all winter. Packing peanuts are 100% reused for packing one or two candles. 

As we find ourselves with left over glass after our candles have melted down, we have used our glass for house plants as you see in the blog post image. We hope for more folks to reuse their glass and share their images with us on Instagram (@treelinecandleco).



Tree Line Candle Co. 


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