A white soy wax replica candle of Horseshoe Bend in a round, black glass.
A close view of Horseshoe Bend candle peak.
A white wax candle of Horseshoe Bend with a red and orange label is next to a white box with topography lines named Grand Canyon National Park by Tree Line Candle Co.
A white box with a red and orange label with topography lines by Tree Line Candle Co.

Grand Canyon National Park

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Did you know? : The Colorado River, moving over through rock for many years has help to create a beautiful valley known as the Grand Canyon.  Magnificent in size, depth and color, it has attracted tourists, especially after President Theodore Roosevelt’s protection and over time the horseshoe shape was revealed along with the beauty of the rock. Though the Grand Canyon’s preservation came first, the park’s formal designation can be attributed to President Woodrow Wilson in 1919. 

Candle Material: Soy Wax
Scent: Fir

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