A white soy wax replica candle of Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon in a round, black glass.
A close view of Horseshoe Bend candle peak.
A white wax candle named Horseshoe Bend is next to a white box with red and black lettering.
A white box with black lettering and a red and white Tree Line Candle Co.  logo.

Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon

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Did you know?  The result of the Colorado River carving its way into sandstone, over time,  has revealed along with the beauty of the rock, a horseshoe shape. Wow! This view is extensive; so far-reaching. Because the view is so impressive, a hike to Horseshoe Bend is for photographers of all levels. Sunset is a popular time for most visitors.

Candle Material: Soy Wax
Scents: Fir, Wildflower, or Unscented



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